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New This Week: Site Last Updated:March 26, 2009

Electronica reviews for:
Ayria - Hearts For Bullets. A cover bright enough to make your eyes water & some excellent music too
Empty - Never Get To You. looking for some analogue synthpop? look no further

Goth reviews for:
Anima Virus* - End Of The Eden. A barely suppressed edge of hysteria beneath the mix of guitars and electronics...
Feeding Fingers* - Baby Teeth. One for fans of The Cure circa 1981...
The House Of Usher* - Angst. A solid slice of gothic rock goodness...
Zeromancer - Sinners International. A pleasing mix of easy on the ear gothic rock

Other reviews for:
Art Brut* - Art Brut Vs Satan. Eddie Argos and chums return with their Indie sounds...

Industrial reviews for:
Project Pitchfork - Dream, Tiresias! Mixing the old with the new Pitchfork enter their next chapter
En Esch and Mona Mur - 180 Tage-The Fine Art Of Beauty And Violence. Two progressive artists release one of the most refreshing albums you're ever likely to hear.

EBM reviews for:

Plasmodivm - Paradise Under Fire. Another Suicide Commando fan comes just too close to apeing his hero

Synthpop review for:

A Blue Ocean Dream - Father To Son. looking for some analogue synthpop? look no further

Check out:

*These are mine.
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